You will get a notecard for each new routine. Either it will appear in the show card or in group announcements. Read that notecard. Twice.

Let me say that again…



Everybody saves their show outfits differently. Some use the Outfits tab in the Appearance window. Others use a folder in Inventory. Each has its ups and downs.

I have a top-level inventory folder called #Debauche Outfits 5.3. I put all of my show outfits in there with the 5.3 body.

if a new version of a body comes out, I make a new top-level folder for that version and start building outfit folders in there.

Make a new outfit folder

Here’s how I build an outfit folder for an act:

  1. Copy and Paste your body template. (That’s Paste not Paste as Link!) Each folder should start off with a copy of its own head, hands, feet, and body. Your feet will almost always be on your tippy-toes. But if you are wearing solid boots, you might not need to wear feet at all. That way, you don’t have to remember to alpha them out.
    • TIP: If a routine calls for “Wear the stockings that you wore in the X routine” you can just copy the folder from that routine to make the new routine.
  2. Rename the new folder for routine. The title of the folder is the name of the routine. The title also can contain reminders to check alphas, which spot is diva, if it’s serious, and so on.
    (Diva is important for times that you need to stand out from the others with a special hair, tattoo, makeup or skin for that act. In Ghost Majik, when I am diva, I wear slightly more advanced attachments and skin so I stand out, as opposed to when I am just in the line.)
  3. Add notecard. Copy the outfit notecard into that routine folder so you have it handy. If multiple outfits appear in a notecard, copy the notecard into each routine it covers.
  4. Apply stockings. Apply any stockings and other appliers to the body and feet. This includes wet looks for water or beach acts.
    • TIP: Create a notecard in the folder and rename it after the HUD you use to apply those stockings. Then you can search for that name to quickly re-apply that stocking layer in an emergency.
  5. Add outfit pieces. Then add the clothes and props and shoes and outfit pieces into that folder.
  6. Store the outfit box. If this is a freebie handout from Laura or Sev, create a subfolder in Objects called Debauche Stuff and drag it in there. Do not put the outfit box in the routine folder or you’ll end up with a box on your head for the show, silly.
  7. Hair. Add the appropriate hair for the outfit. (Wet hair for water or beach acts. Updos when asked for. Watch for alpha conflicts with the clothes.)
    And if you can, remove all scripts from the hair after you color and size it. (Make a backup copy first.)
  8. Pretty yourself up. From there, you can customize the makeup, nails, jewelry, and so on.
  9. Costume Assistant. If you included the Costume Assistant in your template folder, it should already be in your new routine folder. But if the routine doesn’t need the Costume Assistant, you can delete it from the folder.
  10. RLV stuff – Okay, if RLV is needed, create a subfolder in the #RLV directory. Name it what the notecard says to name it. Put the RLV-ed items in your normal outfit folder. Then copy each item and paste a link into the new subfolder in the #RLV directory. (NOTE: Use links, not full copies of each item. Otherwise, you will wear two copies of each item and never appear to take them off in the show.)

If a routine calls for different styles of outfit (Bad Nightwear, Bad Daywear, etc.) just create a separate folder for each each outfit and use a descriptive title for each.

Create a new Inventory window

Control-Shift-I will open another Inventory window.

You can drag and drop things from one Inventory window to another. This is useful for searching for things in one window and dragging or building them up in another.

How to use it

Scroll down to the desired outfit and right-click it. Then click Replace Current Outfit.

What do those codes in the folder name mean?

#diva – The mover number of the diva spot.

#NAME – Any other interesting mover spots.

/## – Chat commands for the outfit.

CA – Wear the Costume Assistant.

P – No Physics.

S – Serious act. No joking.

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 – Pairings for any couple interactions in the routine.

I also put notecards in each folder to remind me of relevant RLV folders for the act as well as the outfit card for the act. I’ve put the # symbol in front of the name so they float to the top of the list.


Did you know that you can access Appearance window outfits from Inventory? Scroll down to the Outfits folder and open it. Then right-click the desired outfit and click Replace Current Outfit.

And Search is a lot faster in the Inventory folder than it is in the Appearance window.