Posters & Photos

Laura creates wonderful promotional posters for all of our new routines. They capture the emotion of our epic productions perfectly and feature featuring Laura, Sev, and our Debauche dancers. A few even have Geordie, that hot saucy hunk!

Full-resolution versions are available at our performances as well as at our home theatre.

Come get a piece of the show and take home something to remember your experience with us!

Take a look at us now…

You can find photos of our performances in our Flickr group. To access our Flickr group, just enter in your web browser.

If you have photos of our performances, we’d love to see how you see us. Please add them to our group.

R. runs a dedicated Debauche photo server at, which makes it easier to tag and sort photos by dancer and routine. If you do not have Flickr Pro and worry about the 1,000 photo limit, contact R. and she would be happy to archive your Debauche photos on this server.

Oh, and if you want video of our performances, go to or click Video there on the left sidebar.

We make pretty stuff too!

Many of our family have their own wonderful Flickr creations as well, so be sure to Follow them on Flickr, too.

NOTE: You will likely need to have an account at Flickr and turn SafeSearch to Off to view most photos. Some countries require SafeSearch to be on, so you may need to VPN to a more free and less civil society to see them.

Laura’s Gallery

You can find Laura’s in-world gallery outside of the Erin Gobraughless Theater on Champions Isle.

Lucas’ Gallery

Lucas von Broich has a lovely gallery of Debauche art at Ville.

R’s Gallery

How do your pistol and your Bible and your sleeping pills go?

You can find R’s in-world gallery inside Edloe’s Clocktree Park. It features photos of many of our routines and highlights our wonderful dancers.

If you’d like a copy for your venue or home, contact R. directly.

Finally, R. built a photo archive at that sorts out photos by dance routine. It also tags performers in each act. Just in case you can’t get to Flickr.