Welcome to Debauche!

Welcome to a world of wonder, a world where lovely dancers give sublimely beautiful performances that will impress your eyes, ears, and heart.

Welcome to a world where each dance routine has been meticulously created to send your spirit soaring or bring a smile to your face, with music to match.

Welcome to a world where technical achievement combines with soulful inspiration to dazzle your senses.

Welcome to the world of the Debauche Dancers!

Founded by Laura Richards and Severina in 2016, the Debauche dance troupe in Second Life combines outstanding choreography, creative stage settings, gorgeous costuming, and the inimitable Debauche dancers to present artistic entertainment that has been pleasing audiences since its first performances. With a core rooted in burlesque, Debauche also incorporates many other dance styles in order to present a memorable theatrical experience for its audiences.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to enter the magical world of Debauche!

New Routines