Sponsored by Miss S.

Melanie of Miss S. has sponsored Debauche from the beginning, offering endless support, outfits, and our home theater.

Without her encouragement and generosity, there would be no Debauche. We cannot thank her enough, and we strongly encourage you to visit her store and tip her tip jar during our home shows.

home.debauche.dance will bring up that location quickly.

We love coming back to our home theater because we are coming home to Melanie, too.

Fashion Shows

Laura and Sev run the CENSORED Modeling Agency, which puts on shows of Miss S. fashions as well as other designers’ work.

Watch our calendar for the next fashion show.

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Welcome to the addiction

For more than 10 years the Miss S. brand stands for the highest quality and luxury nylon products. We offer a huge range of pantyhose, nylons, tights, catsuits, leotards, gym outfits, superhero costumes, encasement suits and complete dresses including shoes and accessores.

We support Maitreya Lara mesh body.
We support Belleza mesh bodies.
We support Slink Mesh Body Physique and Hourglass and Mesh Feet Enhance.
We support Tonic Body.
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