We love clever URLs…

We love to create clever shortcut URLs so it’s easy for you to find things about us.

Here is a list of the most useful ones. Just type them in your browser and go!

Audience Guide help.debauche.dance
Calendar see.debauche.dance
Contact contact.debauche.dance
Discord discord.debauche.dance
Facebook facebook.debauche.dance
Flickr Group flickr.debauche.dance
Home Theatre home.debauche.dance
Music music.debauche.dance
Music Stream stream.debauche.dance
Poll choose.debauche.dance
R.’s Photos photos.debauche.dance
Routines what.debauche.dance
Twitter twitter.debauche.dance
Videos video.debauche.dance
Youtube youtube.debauche.dance

If you go to our Calendar, you’ll see shortcuts to each venue we perform at.

Every dancer has their own shortcut. For example, laura.debauche.dance goes to Laura’s profile.

And there’s a few more shortcuts hidden in our server in case you feel like playing.


stream.debauche.dance is extra-special because you can put it in WinAmp or VLC to listen to our music stream. It’s useful when your Second Life viewer’s media player is acting strangely.


If you come up with an idea for other clever shortcuts, be sure to ask R. to create them.