Event Calendar

Click any event on the calendar to view its start time, any dress code details, and a link to the location.

You can also view this calendar in Google Calendar format. Click + Google Calendar to add our calendar to your Google Calendar.


Here is a list of links to our most frequent show locations:

Name SLURL Shortcut
Home SLURL https://home.debauche.dance
Maui SLURL https://maui.debauche.dance
Sound and Sins SLURL https://ss.debauche.dance
Surfer’s Bay SLURL https://sb.debauche.dance
Teulu Breedables SLURL https://tb.debauche.dance
Trophy Room SLURL https://trophy.debauche.dance
Tuscany SLURL https://tuscany.debauche.dance
Velvet SLURL https://velvet.debauche.dance
Ville de Coeur SLURL https://ville.debauche.dance

Click the link, and then click Visit This Location. Your viewer will open a Place Profile window. Click Teleport.

Other Announcements

The sign outside of our home theatre displays a list of upcoming events, too.

You can subscribe to announcements of our upcoming shows through our fan group: “The Debauched.” And we post those announcements to our Facebook page and Flickr admin blasts.

We also post announcements of our shows to the Dance Queens group chat and their calendar.