• To access this page easily, just enter see.debauche.dance in your web browser. (Isn’t that clever?)

Come see us!

This is our calendar of upcoming events.
Entries include a list of scheduled routines and any dress codes.


Google Calendar sometimes fails to link map locations on some browsers. It also converts Second Life SLURLs to Google Maps locations. Here is a list of links to our most frequent show locations:

Click the link, and then click Visit This Location.


If the SLURL doesn’t launch your browser, you can copy-paste the SLURL to your viewer’s navigation bar.

Or you can use a program like SLURL Proxy. Unzip that program, run it, and click Make me Default.

Other Announcements

The sign outside of our home theatre displays a list of upcoming events, too.

You can subscribe to announcements of our upcoming shows through our fan group: “The Debauched.” And we post those announcements to our Facebook page and Flickr admin blasts.

We also post announcements of our shows to the Dance Queens group chat and their calendar.