Body Templates

Instead of building yourself up from scratch or trying to build yourself from another routine, making a body template simplifies things a lot. You can make a copy of it for each new routine.

Maitreya Lara

Maitreya Lara body, please. Not too tall. Not too short. Not too huge. Not too jailbait.

You’ll almost always have your tippy toes feet.

Many of your Debauche family are available for shopping and beauty advice.

Prepare a body template

(Credit: Sarah)

To make a body template folder:

  1. Create an inventory folder called #Template. (You will see that I named mine #Template M53L34 – This tells me what version of body and head I used.)
  2. Copy and paste (Control-C and then Control-V) your Maitreya Lara body, your hands, your feet, your eyes, your head, and any other essential bits to the #Template folder.
  3. If you need appliers for your base look, copy and paste the Maitreya Tattoo Layer to your #Template folder.
  4. Strip your body and head bare.
  5. Add your skin applier or BOM skin.
  6. Add freckles, brows, or other needed appliers.
  7. Add the Debauche Butt tattoo (see below).

Maitreya Applier Layers

If you use a Maitreya 5 body, they now offer the tattoo, underwear, and clothing layers as separate objects:

If you need layers for your template, put a full copy of the needed layers in the template folder and then do all your appliers.

The Butt Tattoo

Wear the Debauche butt tattoo when you can. If you use Bakes On Mesh (BOM), ask R. for the classic tattoo layer version.

If you don’t use Bakes on Mesh, you will need the Omega System Relay for Maitreya: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Maitreya/6709966

And your template is ready:

… and that’s your template.

Look carefully at that folder. None of the items in it says the word (link). These are not links to other items. If you see (link) in there anywhere, STOP IT! Fix the mistake right now. Full copy.

When you learn about a new routine, all you need to do is copy your body template folder and then rename it for the new routine.

If you don’t need it, don’t wear it

Also, notice that there’s no unnecessary items. No hugger HUDs, no excess jewelry, no talking body vaginas, nothing.

Second Life allows a maximum of 38 attachments. If you have too many items in your body template, and routine with a lot of outfit pieces might exceed the maximum number of attachments.

Also, you may have conflicts between clothing and makeup layers, especially with bodies before Bakes on Mesh.


It’s a bad idea to wear Animesh during a dance routine. Animesh will contain an animation script at some priority, which may disrupt the animations in the dance routine.

Why use a full copy? Why avoid links?

Because I told you. Do what I say.

If that’s not good enough for you, fine. Here’s the reasons:

If you apply a stocking or other layer to a linked body part, such as a body or feet, it will appear in every routine folder that uses it.

So, if Stocking A appears on the body for Routine A, it will also appear on the body for Routine B, C, and D. Then you will have to re-apply the stockings for each routine. This takes time, causes delays and frustration, and doesn’t always work when script issues come up at the venue.

If you use separate copies of the body parts for each routine, you avoid these problems. If the layers are right in Rehearsal, then they’ll be right during the show.

Mistakes in outfits slow down the show. They also ruin photos and videos. And you look like a dumbass.

The tattoo on your ass says Debauche, not Dumbass.

Fix it.


A lot of our routines involve emerging from water or diving into water.

Be sure to get hair that’s wet as well as a wet skin layer for these routines.

You can create a template for the wet look to save time. Just keep it up to date when you update your main template.

And make that template a FULL COPY. NO LINKS.

Create a new Inventory window

Control-Shift-I will open another Inventory window.

You can drag and drop things from one Inventory window to another. This is useful for searching for things in one window and dragging or building them up in another.