The Debauched

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We send announcements in our fan group The Debauched. It is also there for chatting with Laura, Sev, Geordie, our performers, and other fans.

Announcements may include dress code information. If you have any questions about the dress code, ask the venue owner or in our fan group.

Be nice to each other. And do not promote other events in The Debauched unless Laura or Sev have said that it’s okay.

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Audience Appreciation Parties

Ever wish you could be up on stage and dancing?

Every few months, we hold an Audience Appreciation Party where you choose the routine, and you dance the dance! And there are many videos of the audience versions of our routines available to watch.

Watch our calendar for the next one, and join us in our home theatre.

NOTE: We encourage participants to dress (or undress) creatively. However, large attachments such as wings, full-bright and glow, and heavy particle auras may disrupt the enjoyment of others. Please be respectful of all of our guests.

Sometimes, too much of a good thing…

R. takes fandom to absurd levels