WARNING: Sometimes, we like to joke and chit chat during rehearsals. But NEVER during the reveal of a new act or during a serious one. Laura and Sev get very upset at that.


Rehearsal is for finding your mover, getting your outfit right, checking your hoverheight, and so on.

If there’s a problem with your outfit or flame colors or other things, someone will work with you on it. If we can’t solve it solve it, you might need to step out of an act and let someone else dance while you work on the issue for the next time.

Also, if you don’t know if an act is serious or banter-worthy, we’ll go over it here.


Typically 1100 on Saturday and Sunday. But some shows start earlier (Babylon Berlin, Themed Shows), so check the show notecard for the exact time.

If you’re going to be late or can’t make it, let Laura and Sev know.

Rez fails

Rehearsal runs on a homestead, which has limited script capacity. So you may encounter more rezfails than usual.

It’s good practice for when it happens during a show. So be prepared to announce it, teleport home, re-add your outfit, and teleport back.

Hover height

When you adjust hover height, do it manually with the numbers in increments of .1.

If you try to use the slider, you may bolt up or down too much.

Gentle, gentle.


Laura and Sev will send out the schedule through group notices. If there are updates, they will send those too.

Always check for the latest schedule.

Make sure you have outfits prepared before rehearsal.

If you need help during the week, ask.

Outfit Stash

Many of Miss. S.’s stockings and other outfits are available here for Debauche dancers. Just buy them for 0L.

There are also outfit boxes for many routines here. Once again, buy them for 0L.

Signup Board

Each row represents a show date. The first line represents the minimum number of dancers needed for a show.

If you are available for a date, click the first available box from the left in that show’s row. Then click book.

If you want to be on standby or reserve, click a box in the far right of that row.

To remove yourself from a show, click your box in that show’s row. Then click cancel. Also, tell Laura and Sev directly.

If there are more than enough dancers for a show, some may be asked to sit the show out or be available as backups.