R may be slightly mad…

R. has a weird habit of ordering custom stuff with Debauche on it.

Next one might just be a custom cereal box… DEBAUCHE THE BREAKFAST CEREAL!

Debauche the Car



Yes, that license plate is real. Wowtastic!

Debauche the Facemask

Debauche masks

Debauche the M&Ms


Debauche M&M

Debauche M&M

Debauche the Oreo Cookies

Debauche The Cookie!

Debauche, The Oreo Cookie!


Debauche the Sticker

The Beast

The new work laptop

Debauche the Digital Frame

Does this count as a clock?

Debauche the Watchface

Debauche the Watchface

Debauche the Web Server

Debauche server

Debauche runs on a dedicated server in the colo facility under R.’s dayjob office.

It allows her to test the webhosting automation software she documents and makes video tutorials for. It also allows her to test the uptime and performance monitoring software she documents.