Another lovely Debauche dancer from the USA is our own Sasha. A member of the troupe since the Spring of 2017, she found out that a couple of friends were Debauche dancers and started coming to the shows. “I was hooked after the first show I saw,” she says. “I was totally amazed and wowed by what Laura and Sev had done.”

Sasha enjoys dancing in Second Life, and also loves to take pictures of all kinds. Sasha also has appeared in front of the lens as a gorgeous erotic model. Recently, she has started learning how to choreograph dance routines, learning by following in Laura’s and Sev’s footsteps.

Sasha is very enthusiastic about being a Debauche dancer. “Being a part of Debauche makes me happy because I am part of something that is truly amazing! I am always impressed and elated at the new routines that are created.”