Renni joined Debauche in July 2017. Debauche performed for a bachelor/bachelorette party at a sim she was co-managing and, as Renni says “I was in awe.” Asked to join in one routine as a dancer, I was smitten,” she recalls. Impressed with Renni’s enthusiasm and her obvious Second Life skills as Debauche continued to perform periodically at her sim, Renni was asked to join the troupe, and “I could not say yes fast enough!” she exclaims.

A native of the USA, Renni has had a wide variety of experiences during her years in Second Life. She has run RP sims, managed clubs, and worked in many other capacities. In addition to dancing for Debauche, she is an administrator at Maui Swingers’ Resort, general manager at Oni Zen, and on the staff at Shadow Lands.

Renni is also co-creator of “Renni & Hyst Take On The Grid,” which she describes as a “fun project I am sharing with my bestie, Hyst Vicious.”

Renni wants the Debauche audience to know that she completely loves being a Debauche dancer and appreciates each person who supports us by attending our shows. She feels that Debauche is like her family, and that every day with Debauche is a special day.

As a friend of Renni’s noted, what comes across from seeing Renni onstage with Debauche is a wonderful sense of fun, and fun is contagious. There is an esprit de corps on stage and a feeling that everyone, performers and audience alike, is having a good time.