Go backstage.
Use a low-power Graphic Preset.
Use Show Friends Only.
Turn off your AO.
Landmark backstage, drag it to Favorites.
Join conference. NEVER SAY “READY”
Dress for first routine.
Let the first five or six dancers in the list change first. Especially if you’re a reserve.
You have a rez fail? Announce it in conference, teleport home, change, teleport backstage. Announce that you’re back.
Wait for the set to rez before you get on a mover.
Get on mover. Accept permissions, announce “1”.
To find a mover, use Area Search in Firestorm, then right-click and Sit
No permissions dialog? Stand up and re-sit.
Watch for IMs or information from Laura, Sev, Larah, Renni, R, or Geordie. Do what they say.
Do not select anything on the set.
Announce AFK and BACK in conference.
If you have a problem, ask for help.
If you crash, log in to Home and teleport backstage. Ask for a re-invite to the conference.
If you see something wrong, say so.
Backups watch for crashes or open mover.
Wait for All Stand, then stand.
Avatar – Avatar Health – Stop Avatar Animations and Revoke Permissions
Dress in shifts for next routine.
Repeat until end of show.

Prepping show folder

Some people like to prepare a show folder that contains the outfits for each routine in the show.

Instead of searching for the folder for each routine, they just go down the list in the show folder.

How do you do this?

Create a Show folder.
Locate the first routine in the show.
Copy the folder.
Paste it into the Show folder.
Change the name of the routine folder so it starts with the routine number in the show.
Repeat for each routine.