Here are ways that we engage our audience and promote the show…

The Debauched:

  • The Debauched group chat a few times a day.
  • The Debauched group notice.
  • Update The Debauched group description.

Venue Group:

  • Notice in the home Venue Group (usually done by host).
  • Venue Group chat 30 minutes before show.

Dance Queens Group:

  • Send notecard to Dance Queens mailbox for their calendar and blog.
  • Dance Queens chat 30 minutes before show.

Other Second Life Groups:

(This is a judgment call… do not post the notice in unrelated groups. You may piss them off.)

Friends Conferences:

(This is another judgment call… some people like these. Some people don’t. I firmly believe in opt-in marketing, where you ask permission for such things and must receive consent. And I have defriended people who exploit their friends for such purposes.)

Google Calendar:

  • Post notice text in Debauche Google Calendar entries.
  • Post routine order in Debauche Google Calendar entries.

Flickr Group:

  • Post routine posters to Flickr Group.
  • Post next show notice to admin Blast to Flickr Group.
  • Add your photos of our shows to the Flickr Group
  • Cull non-Debauche photos from Flickr Group.
  • Invite others’ photos of our shows to the Flickr Group

Facebook Group:

  • Post routine posters to Facebook Group. (Watch out for nudity!)
  • Post upcoming Event in Debauche Facebook page.
  • Post acknowledgements of photos and videos and other things to the timeline.


  • Post to Promos on Debauche Discord.
  • Post to Entertainment – Shows on media-sl.com Discord.


  • Post a teaser on the official Twitter account.


  • Post routine posters to feed.
  • Post shot of the show.


  • Post videos.
  • Add videos to Debauche channel playlists.

Other ways to help

  • Wear group titles.
  • Add https://debauche.dance/ to your profile.
  • Add Debauche to your profile picks.
  • Add https://debauche.dance/ to other relevant social media.
  • Flickr post of the show poster.
  • Facebook share of post or post your own.
  • Engage with audience in social media.
  • my.secondlife.com post.

Post a notice

How to post a notice:

  1. Open your Communications window (Control-T).
  2. Click Groups tab on top.
  3. Click The Debauched.
  4. Click Info.
  5. Click Notices tab.
  6. Click + New Notice button.
  7. Enter a title for the announcement in the Subject text box.
  8. Copy the part of the promo from the notecard.
  9. Paste it into the Message text box.
    • If the notice contains a SLURL, drag and drop the poster to the Attach area.
    • If the notice does not contain a SLURL, drag and drop the landmark to the Attach area.
  10. Read it all again.
  11. Click Send.

Add Event to Facebook

  1. Open the Facebook Group at https://facebook.debauche.dance/.
  2. In the Create bar, click Event.
  3. Enter Event Name.
  4. Click Online Event checkbox.
  5. Under Link, post the SLURL.
  6. Enter the notice text under Description.
  7. Under Category, select Dance.
  8. Select the right Start and End dates.
  9. Select the right Start and End times for your time zone.
  10. Click Publish button.

Send notice to Dance Queens

(You must be a member of Dance Queens to submit a notecard. This is Web’s rule.)

To get on the Dance Queens blog and calendar:

  1. Go to Dance Queens headquarters at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hits%20Expert%20Island/164/173/22
  2. Drop the notecard on the mailbox.

Moving venues

In the event of a sim crash or a sim too lagged to use:

  • Notify the audience.
  • Notify The Debauched.
  • Notify Dance Queens.
  • Update the Google Calendar.

Due to technical issues, we are moving today’s Debauche show to our home theatre on Champions Isle. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Champion%20Isle/66/114/2001 We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.

If there are others, let us know!