Set LOD to 6

Okay, so you’re not seeing hair or other set pieces render. Setting your viewer to Ultra hasn’t solved if, so what gives?

There’s a Level of Detail issue going on, and you need to set it higher.

But Quick Preferences and Preferences only go to 4!

Here’s how to hack that in your viewer:

  1. Click Quick Preferences button.
  2. Click wrench in lower right corner.
  3. Click LOD factor.
  4. Change Min to 4.
  5. Change Max to 6.
  6. Change Incr to 2.
  7. Close it.
  8. When you reopen Quick Preferences, LOD will go from 4 to 6.
  9. You can set it to 6 now.

You may need to zoom in on everyone once to get everything to pop into view. After that zoom in, nothing should derender due to LOD, although some things might color-shift due to textures or materials and lighting.