Facial expressions and gesture triggers

Some sets are happy. Some sets are sad. Some sets are angry.

Making your facial expression match the mood is a cool thing.

But mesh head HUDs use a lot of texture and script memory. And you have to hunt down and click things.

Most mesh heads have a set of API (fancy term for smarty stuff) that allow you to send direct chat commands to your head to show expressions.

It looks scary, but once you do one, you’ll see it’s not all that hard.

Lelutka’s documentation is here: http://lelutka.com/blog/creators-page/

They listen on channel 7780. So if you say:

/7780 play:l.-.snarl

The head will play a snarl animation.

If you say:

/7780 stop:l.-.snarl

The head will stop the snarl animation.

You can add these commands to gestures so all you need to do is hit a function key or chat phrase to trigger them:

That web page at Lelutka has a whole list of animations and moods. Just change the l.-.snarl to the animation or mood you want to use.

As for Catwa, no idea. I don’t own one. Anyone?