One of our English roses, Laura not only dances with Debauche, but, along with Sev, is a co-owner and principal choreographer and set designer.

Laura began dancing in Second Life with a group called the X-A Dancers, which also included Sev. According to Laura, it was Sev that convinced her to start their own troupe and, according to Sev, it was Laura who came up with the name Debauche for the new troupe.

Both Laura and Sev find it hard to classify the dance style of Debauche. Laura says that the core is rooted in burlesque, but there are various styles incorporated, including classical ballet. As Laura says, “We are a sexy, classy theatrical dance troupe.”

Laura says that the starting point for her routines is a song. If she listens to a song, then often a visual idea hits her, and she develops the concept from there. She also creates the sets for each of her routines (often with input from Sev or others), either from scratch or by salvaging from something that already exists and repurposing it.

As far as the animations go, Laura says that they come from many sources, and include animations produced by Laura and Sev, especially linking poses to smoothly transition from one dance move to another. Although Laura and Sev have distinct styles in their choreography, they usually work together to help each other to refine their respective creations.

Laura is very complimentary of the dancers in Debauche. She notes that they not only are important as performers but also as ambassadors for Debauche. “They represent us and they all do it so well. To say we love the Debauche family really is an understatement!”

Laura says that Debauche always will strive to improve and give our audiences the best show possible. “The fact that so many people are willing to come spend their time with us is so very humbling and that’s what drives us constantly. They deserve the best!”