Lags (Hlaðgerðr Jarnsiða) a crazy Scot with a deep love of Norse culture devoted to her gods of old. She first entered the world of Debauche in December 2017, enthralled, she followed them avidly and was invited to join the family in June 2018, her wildest dream come true.

A keen and willing dancer, wishing to excel, she has thrown her soul into Debauche discovering that she belongs in this crazy family, bringing not just a little lunacy herself (I blame R she made me do it!)

When not dancing or rehearsing or just hanging with the Debauche girls she likes to explore with her husband Smooth or go for drives in fast cars. Wild and impulsive, like her fiery ginger hair, she loves to roleplay whenever she can.

She loves to build and mod furniture and is an adept weapon smith for a popular combat system.

But, her true passion is Debauche and her sisters, and the honour of dancing for her family and for their tolerance at her looniness, I love you all

Lags 😉
Þǫkk! Ek Elska þik xx