Lags (Lagerða Jarnsiðr) is another crazy Scot. She has been a keen follower of dance most of the time she has been in Second Life. In December 2017, when she first saw a Debauche performance and was entranced, she knew Debauche was for her, and in June 2018 her dream came true when she was invited to Debauche.

Lags has a full and interesting Second Life. When she isn’t dancing or rehearsing, she can be found on the Norse sim she created. A keen role-player, Shieldmaiden, and amateur photographer, Lags loves to build and make stuff. She owns her own weapons shop and makes scripted weapons for a combat system.

She is a complete history geek and loves nothing better than to discuss her ancestors, The Vikings, and her guiding goddess the beautiful Freyja, Goddess of Beauty and Love and Battle.

She is a respected and much-loved countess in a vampire clan. She arranges their events and runs their combat system. She is a bonded Dragon Knight and skilled jouster, feared and respected by all of the warriors she has encountered.

But there is a softer side to lags. At heart, she is a shy and kind girl, passionate and intense, devoted and meticulous, a true friend when you get to know her, with a wicked sense of humor and sharp fangs. (But she promises not to bite… much!!!)

Lags says that a verse from the havamal of Odin Alrfadim sums her up:

Cattle die,
kinsman die,
the self dies likewise;
but the renown
for the one who gets good fame
never dies
So be good to all you meet in life!