Kathy comes from the most beautiful country of the world (so she says)… France. She is a long-time resident of Second Life, enjoying the different activities such as chatting with friends, role-playing, and shopping for elegant and sexy clothes.

Thanks to a friend, early in 2020, she discovered Debauche and was amazed by the creativity and the quality of the routines. She was astonished to learn that almost every Debauche show is unique, featuring different routines and that Debauche has literally hundreds of routines, each individually choreographed, costumed, and staged.

Kathy immediately became a loyal fan of Debauche, attending almost every performance. She even invented a new French word to describe the shows: DEBAUCHISSIME, which she says ought to be included in official dictionaries!

But Kathy wanted to do more than just attend the shows. Although she never had built or scripted before, she launched herself into a new project, learning those skills so that she could create a dance routine in honor of Debauche. Her efforts resulted in the spectacular “Evergreen,” a routine that so impressed the members of Debauche that it was included in Debauche’s Fourth Anniversary show on October 18, 2020, at which time Kathy was welcomed into the troupe.