The very lovely Evita comes to Debauche from Germany. She modestly describes herself as “only a girl next door who loves to dance… with so much passion and with all of my heart.”

Evita joined Debauche in February 2017. She happened to mention to a friend that she had watched a performance or another choreographed dance troupe and how it excited her and how much she would love to become a dancer. Luckily for Evita and for Debauche, her friend happened to know who he called “the best dancers in SL.” That turned out to be Sev and Laura, and one thing led to another and now Debauche are lucky to have this wonderful dancer in the troupe!

Evita is very proud to be a Debauche dancer. She describes it as a “dream come true” and talks about how it seems to her as if she is in a different world when she dances, the music and the movements making her feel like she is in a dreamworld, feeling the magic.

Like many performers, Evita is a perfectionist, She works very hard to make sure everything from her costuming to her positioning and any changes for each dance routine are exactly right.

Evita also enjoys photography in Second Life, and has a Flickr account to show off some of her work.