This beautiful and vivacious Canadian dancer came to Debauche in September 2017. She met Sev and Laura through her best friend Missy (Bri and Missy being known to everyone as “Brissy”). As Bri says “My best friend in Second Life was joining Debauche, so since we do everything together, it was a given that we came as a pair.”

Blessed with a huge heart and a wonderful sense of humor, Bri is beloved by many in Second Life. Devoted to her SL friends and family, she is a photographer, a surfer, a dancer, a sim manager, a model, and, she quips, “Did I mention I talk a lot?”

Bri says that Debauche has become one of her greatest joys in Second Life. “Being a part of the creative process and helping our choreographers bring their visions to the audiences is such a thrill!”

Bri wants the Debauche audience members to know that she is in Second Life to have FUN! “I am here to share that fun with those who come to a show. Whether the routines are exciting, upbeat, or thought-provoking, they are meant to be entertaining, and I want to entertain.”

When asked to summarize what we could say about her here, she replied “Canadian farm girl makes good on her dream to become a Debauche dancer. No more cows and chickens for me!”

Bri aspires to be as professional as she can, always ready to jump in and perform on cue. She adores Debauche, and the feeling is mutual.