Ava comes from the Netherlands. She began dancing for Debauche after having attended numerous shows as an enthusiastic and loyal audience member. In fact, since she first saw Debauche show in the summer of 2017, she has made many video recordings of performances, which can be seen on the video page of the Debauche website or on her own website.

Ava says that when she began attending Debauche shows, she realized that the music chosen for many of the dances really appealed to her and the high quality of the choreography and stage presentation enhanced the emotional experience of seeing the shows.

As she admits, “I always start crying watching and hearing several of them.”

She loves to dance and seeing the shows ignited her desire to become part of a dance group

At first she thought it would be too ambitious to try to become part of Debauche, but then she realized that it would always gnaw at her if she joined another dance group knowing that her first love was Debauche. So after thinking about it, she requested to be considered as a potential Debauche dancer, and in July 2018, her dream came true when she was asked to join the troupe.

It was a wonderful year for Ava, but about 16 months later it was time to leave Debauche, and in January 2019 she joined the Oasis dancers, which suits her better.

Ava keeps being connected to Debauche by recording their dances. “My videos are being appreciated and knowing that is my reward” she says.