Sturgill Simpson

(Remember to Breathe / Sing Along)

Debauche - October 19 2019

R. says “My first attempt at a two-parter. I liked the anime movie on Netflix and wanted to capture the sensuality of the first song while picking up the energy of the second song. The flaming Zero plane got eaten by the venue, but it still came off well.”


Debauche - October 19 2019


MUSIC: Breakaway by Big Pig.

R’s first true group choreography. it took damn long enough, didn’t it?

This song is in the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures soundtrack, and it appears during the opening titles. I’ve always felt there’s an Ancient Egyptian feel to the song with the chants.

TRIVIA: Big Pig is known for a hard, driving beat without the use of guitars. Which is amusing, since both Bill and Ted are shown as jamming out with guitars.

Soupy George

Guerilla Burlesque - July 6 2018

A solo routine by R… sort of.
“Soupy George” by Seven Seconds of Love.

R says: “I created this for Guerilla Burlesque on MST engine.
It was quick silly song that I’ve loved for years and envisioned running around like an idiot, knocking things over and making crazy soup and then falling into the vat at the end.
Adding the two “victims” in the middle was meant to be a thank you to supporters of dance.
When I get back to making routines, I hope to do them as silly as this one.
Oh, and the crates are full of prim cocks.”

Play the Game Tonight

Guerilla Burlesque - May 4 2018

Choreography and Set: R.
Music: “Play the Game Tonight” by Kansas

R says: “The first act that I ever created. Was the basis of an article I wrote for Inara Pey’s blog.
I asked a bunch of people for their thoughts on how to improve it as I made it.
Got to learn a lot of people’s styles and prefections.
Grateful for the guidance.
The act is symbolic of the need to perform over and over and over until you’re at the breaking point, sharing all you have.
And dying at the end for your art. Giving everything up.
The red queen kills me… a wink and nod to my friend Red Queen.”


Guerilla Burlesque - June 1 2018

Debauche - October 19 2019

Choreography and Set: R.
Music: “Twister” by Seven Seconds of Love.

R says: “Another mad piece that came from the crazy Joel Vietch videos.
Fun, bouncy, wanted to jump all over the place, and then burn out retinas with the set change.
Added the strip part of it for the sake of stripping.
The guy on the bench is reading my story book.”

Migrated from MST to Spot On and reworked as a seven dancer group act for October 2019.

Dance on the Edge of a Sword

Dance Queens Showcase - September 23 2018

Choreography and Set: R., with help by Sho Kyong
Music: “Dance on the Edge of a Sword” by Zorch Boomhauer. (SL musician)

R. says “Represents the anger and pain I fight every day. The constant storm in my head.
You must be true to your word, and if you stray from the path, you’ll be slashed to bits.”