The other co-owner, principal choreographer and set designer of Debauche (along with Laura), Sev also hails from England.

Sev thought that Laura’s talents as a choreographer were not being fully utilized by the troupe they both originally danced with in Second Life, so she persuaded Laura to break away and form their own troupe, and Debauche was born.

Like Laura, Sev is reluctant to say that Debauche has just one style of dance. She quotes Laura, who said “We are a little bit naughty, a little bit nice, a little bit sexy and more than a little class.”

Sev often borrows from Laura’s huge inventory for things to use in designing the sets for the routines she choreographs. Sev describes the creative process as usually a collaborative one, with Laura and sometimes Geordie or some of the other dancers contributing.

Sev notes that much of the skill in the choreography is knowing which animations best fit a particular piece of music, then linking them together into a coherent whole. As she says, “It’s one thing just buying animations, but quite another to place them in routines and linking them to create an artistic whole.”

Sev is as enthusiastic about the other Debauche dancers as is Laura. “Each dancer does represent Debauche and each one does us proud. Each dancer is unique in bringing in their own personality and style. They are all fun and they have taken Debauche to their hearts.”

Sev echoes Laura in her appreciation of our audiences, and emphasizes that “We will endeavor to do our very best to ensure our fans and followers who mean so much to us, can witness the very best!”