Before you accuse the sim…

Make sure it’s not you.

  • Close all programs that you don’t need.
  • Turn off devices that might eat up your bandwidth.
  • Check your connection speed with fast.com


Sure, the script board tells you that you’re running a lot of scripts and using a lot of memory. But when are you wearing or using that is causing that?

  1. In the menu bar, click Avatar.
  2. Then click Avatar Health.
  3. Then click Scripts.

This window will list every scripted item you’re wearing, how much memory it’s using, and where it’s attached.

Statistics Bar

(Credit: Geordie)

Control-Shift-1 will bring up the Statistics Bar.

This bar contains a scary amount of information.

The Packet Loss meter represents the amount of network packets that are not reaching their destination. The more packet loss, the worse the performance.

If Ping Sim is high for everyone, the server is having issues. If Ping Sim is high only for you, it’s your connection.

The % Scripts Run meter represents the number of scripts that actually run when called.

On an empty sim, it should be between 60% and 90%. If the sim is empty and has a 30% rating, it will dip to 5% or so, which will be very lagged.


Grid Status

Okay, something that might be helpful, Firestormies:

  1. Right-click your bottom toolbar.
  2. Click Toolbar Buttons.
  3. If it’s locked, uncheck Locked.
  4. Drag Grid status to toolbar.
  5. Close Toolbar Buttons.

The new button will flash when there is a new incident on the SL Grid Status page.

Click it, and the SL Grid Status Page will appear.

Other tricks

Whitelist Firestorm in your anti-Virus software and firewall so it doesn’t get caught up in extra processing.

Reduce draw distance to just the stage (64 meters).

Some of the textures and particles we use can be harsh on performance. Reduce your particle count to 1024.

Friend everyone else in the group and Show Friends Only.