Stage Managers

Who are they?

Laura, Sev, and the choreographers select the lineup for each routine in the show. They also run each routine. So, they are extremely busy during the show.

The stage managers help them run the show. Their number one goal is to keep the show moving.

The current stage managers are Larah, Renni, and Lags. The primary stage manager will run the show, but the others will help and provide backup if there is an issue. Sometimes we see things others do not, and it’s not meant as a criticism, but covering each others blind spots.

What do they do?

What do stage managers do?

  • They start the show conference.
  • They call out the next routine and the lineup.
  • They will change the lineup if dancers are unavailable or become available.
  • If there is a lot of lag, they say when the second half of the lineup should change.
  • Every dancer is on the right mover.
  • Every dancer has the right outfit.
  • Every dancer has the right layers.
  • Every dancer has the right alphas.
  • They will tell a dancer to step off if they are not ready.
  • They will tell a dancer to stand and re-sit if they are not moving.
  • They will call for a replacement from the reserves if someone crashes.
  • They will make announcements such as DO NOT STAND or SHOW ALL mid-routine if there is a change of set or costume. (If you go AFK, you can’t fix a SHOW ALL.)
  • They call out ALL STAND when the curtain is closed.
  • They will bench a dancer for repeated mistakes or misbehavior.

Others can help spot issues with outfits or movement backstage, but the stage managers are responsible for making the call for replacements.

Laura, Sev, and the choreographers will occasionally make a direct announcement about an routine, such as standing and re-sitting due to mover issues. But there will be times when a stage manager will tell them no, keep the show moving.

If you do tell a stage manager NO or do not respond, you should have a very good reason for it.

Sarah, Carol, Leanne

Sarah is an emergency substitute. Carol and Leanne are last-resort emergency substitutes. If anyone else is available and ready, please offer to take their spots.

Lots of IMs

When you have a problem, yes, you will get a lot of IMs at once trying to help you.

Focus on solving the problem. Apologies and thanks can wait.

Boo hoo

The stage manager must communicate things quickly. They do not always have time for please, thank you, and general politeness. They still love you, dammit. They are here to keep the show moving.

They will probably not have time for drama and gossip during the show. Please cry on someone else’s shoulder until after the show, because the stage managers are still trying to run it. But then, nobody should have time for drama and gossip during the show. If there are any non-critical issues during a show, make a note of your issues on a notepad and bring them up after final curtain.


R. is no longer stage manager so she can focus on shooting video for the shows. She cannot call out issues during an act, such as hoverheight or a bad alpha.

However, she really wants the videos she shoots to be top quality and have no outfit mistakes, stocking layer issues, costume change errors, or other problems. When those happens, she has to junk the shoot. So, she depends on the stage managers being on their game and catching issues.

If R. calls out an issue, yes, she’s going to be very pissed off because the others should have spotted it first in rehearsal and fixed it.