Not everyone can be in every routine, but the reserves are an important part of every routine.

Crashes and rez fails are a part of Second Life. And nobody likes an empty mover. So, we prepare.

What do they do?

When you read the lineup notecard, dancers who are not in an routine are listed in the Reserves section.

  • If you are listed in the routine and reserves, this is a mistake. Let Laura and Sev know. And get on your mover.
  • If you aren’t listed in the routine or the reserves, this is also a mistake. Assume that you’re a reserve. But we still love you.

The first two reserves need to dress for the routine. If a dancer in the routine needs a replacement, for whatever reason (rezfail, viewer issue, crash, RL emergency), then the first reserve needs to take their place.

If a routine uses outfits with different colors, then the reserves can work out who wears which color outfit so they can quickly cover a dancer with a crash or other problem.

If there are more than two reserves, the rest can change for the next routine. This will reduce the load on the server for the next mass outfit change.

Crash Watch Monitor

Kathy has developed the brilliant Crash Watch Monitor tool. It does the following:

  1. The dancers change for the next routine and get on their movers.
  2. The first reserve wears the Crash Watch Monitor.
  3. The Crash Watch Monitor scans all the movers.
  4. If someone crashes, their mover becomes empty.
  5. The Crash Watch Monitor automatically sits the reserve on that open mover.
  6. The dancer accepts the permissions dialog box.

In the end, all the first reserve needs to do is wear it and accept the dialog box if a crash happens.

Please note that this tool only works when the movers have similar names.