Outfit scripts

A lot of routines have costume changes. Early on, we had to use the Spot On Costume Assistant and RLV for these changes. But Costume Assistant and RLV can be laggy and unreliable at times. It can also be confusing for some when they create their outfit folders. So, we’re changing to use scripts as much as we can.

Sure, you can put the items on the ground, add the script, and pick them back up.

But here’s an easier way…

  1. Create the outfit folder as you normally would.
  2. Wear everything.
  3. In the notecard, click the script .
  4. Copy this item to your inventory? Click Copy.
  5. Open your Inventory (Control-I).
  6. Open the Scripts folder. You should see the script in there.
  7. Enter Control-Shift-I to open a second inventory window.
  8. Right-click an item that needs the script.
  9. Click Edit. A properties window should appear.
  10. Click the Content tab.
  11. Drag and drop the script to the Content tab.
  12. Repeat 8 through 11 for remaining items that need the script.

After you perform these changes, make sure to test the script in each item. Second Life is notorious for losing textures, scripts, or other changes in items.