NOTE: This information is for Lelutka heads, but there may be an equivalent for those of us with Catwa or Genus heads.

There are two possible reasons why your head is moving when it shouldn’t. Either you have a head animation that overrides the dance animation or you’re seeing viewer-side LookAt movement when you move your mouse or camera view.

Head Bone Movement

According to Lelutka:

Head Bone Movement – Switching this on (to the right) will cause your head to move along with the facial animations of your mood. Turning it off (to the left) allows your head animations to be handled by whatever other body animations you might be using with your AO, dance HUD, or seat.

So, to solve this:

  1. Wear the Lelutka HUD.
  2. Click the Animate tab.
  3. Click the Moods tab.
  4. Disable the Head Bone Movement slider.

LookAt Target

Firestorm uses the LookAt Target information for various things, but one of them is to move your head naturally to look at what you’re focused on or selecting.

This can cause your head to move when posing at the end of a dance routine.

According to Firestorm’s wiki:

Don’t send any look at targets at all, not even to myself: Prevents your avatar’s head from moving to face a point your camera is focused on in your own view. This head movement is not necessarily visible to others whether or not this option is enabled.

To stop this behavior:

  1. Open Preferences (Control-P).
  2. Click the Privacy tab.
  3. Click the LookAt top tab.
  4. Select checkbox for My look at targets: Don’t send any look at targets at all, not even to myself.
  5. Click OK

You may need to or want to disable other LookAt settings for privacy’s sake.