Favorite Wearables

The Favorite Wearables popup window is great for quickly adding or removing things that you use a lot, such as the Costume Assistant.

Don’t have the Favorite Wearables button?

  1. Right-click your Toolbar, select Toolbar buttons, and a window will appear.
  2. Drag Favorite Wearables to your toolbar and close the window.

To use Favorite Wearables, click the star button. A mini window will appear.

Open your inventory, look for something that you need a lot, and drag it to the Favorite Wearables window.

Then when you need it again, you can just click the star button, right-click the item, and Add it.

Inventory Search

If you need to find something quickly in Inventory, just type what you’re looking for in the search bar on top:

Need help finding things? Change folder names to include hashtags like #fancyboots or #favoritehair. Then you can search for fancyboots and find that folder. Or you can create a dummy notecard in a folder to help find that folder later.

This is very helpful for when something is No Modify and has a weird name that doesn’t describe what it is. For example, my Tabitha wrist keyboard has a weird name, so I added a “wrist keyboard” notecard to that folder. Now I can find it quickly.