Some of you have the wrong color shoes or panties or other item on for an routine. This means you’re using a link to that item.


Instead, use a full copy of an item in the outfit folder.

Problem solved.

Prepare colors in advance

We use a lot of shoes and boots and other things over and over again. Hedy, Cinzia, the Debauche thong, and so on. You should prepare the colors in advance.

This may look like a lot of work. But this is a lot faster than having to find the HUD for an item and change it during a rehearsal or show!

You only need to do this once per color.

  1. Make a subfolder in the clothing folder for each color (Black, White, Red, Blue, Blech Pink, etc.)
  2. Then put a copy of the clothing in each folder.
  3. Wear it and the HUD.
  4. Then set the color.
  5. Repeat for each color that you need.

Now all you have to do is copy that particular color of the clothing into the routine’s folder.

And make it a full copy. Don’t mess around with links. (If you’re still doing that, I told you to STOP IT. Don’t make me tell you a third time.)


When you need Black Hedy shoes for an routine, just search for Hedy, copy the ones in the Black folder, and paste it into the routine folder.

If a routine calls for different colors (Turn Back Time, Dove Amore, etc.) just create a separate routine folder for each color and put the color name in the folder title.

Create a new Inventory window

Control-Shift-I will open another Inventory window.

You can drag and drop things from one Inventory window to another. This is useful for searching for things in one window and dragging or building them up in another.

Why not just use a link to the one copy of a shoe?


  • It takes a long time for HUD textures to render during a show.
  • Changing the color at the show is very slow due to script lag.
  • You’ll slow down the show. And screw up photos and videos.
  • If you use that shoe as a link in multiple routines, the color will change each time. So what appears in rehearsal won’t be what appears in the show.
  • I told you so. If you don’t do what I told you, I can’t help you.