Shortcuts For Chat

(Firestorm has a helpful video on this feature on YouTube.)

Normally, you would use gestures for pre-configured chat, but gestures do not work in IMs or conferences.

Autoreplace allows you to automatically replace words that you type in chat, even in IMs and conferences.

This is good for fixing words you frequently misspell. Or for expanding abbreviations you frequently use. Or for quickly saying something important in a show that you say a lot, but you do not have time to type out each time.

Or, if you’re in The Good Place, you can replace “shit” with “shirt” and “fuck” with “fork” and so on.

Let’s activate it

How to activate Autoreplace:

  1. Open Preferences.
  2. Click the Chat tab.
  3. Click the Typing top tab.
  4. Click Auto-Replace.
  5. Select the Enable Auto-Replace checkbox.

How to use it

You type the keyword and hit the space bar. The viewer will automatically replace the Keyword with the Replacement text.

Let’s customize it


Lists appear in the top of the window. They allow you to organize your replacements. Firestorm ships with two pre-configured lists: Abbreviations and Spelling Corrections.

Click a list and scroll up and down it. You’ll see a lot of stuff already in there.

If you don’t want any of the pre-configured replacements, click the lists and click Delete List.

To add a list, click New List and then enter a name for the list. (I made one just for Debaucheisms)

Let’s add an item…

Let’s say you want to replace “fpp” with “filthy porn peddler” because you get tired of typing that out so often.

To add a replacement to a list:

  1. Click a list name
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter the keyword to replace in the Keyword text box.
  4. Enter what you with to replace it with in the Replacement text box.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Stage Managers

Here are some ones I use for shows:

“allgood” = “All dancers posed and moving. All outfits ready. Clear for takeoff.”
“socky” = “please check your socks ty”
“stox” = “please check your stockings ty”

So, I just type Leti, socky and it comes out Leti, please check your socks ty