• Create body template.
  • Landmark the rehearsal area.
  • Sign up for shows.
  • Set up RLV on your Viewer.
  • Set up a low-power Graphic Preset.
  • Read group notices.
  • Get with Bri and Missy for your program guide bio.


  • Get most recent notecard for show.
  • Check for errors (name of act, dancer listed twice, etc.)
  • Mark the ones you’re in, keep the lineups of the ones you’re not in so you know who to cover for.
  • Make sure you have outfits for the acts you’re in.


  • Get outfit notecards.
  • Create folder for each act.
  • Copy body, head, feet, hands to folder.
  • Copy clothes and hair to folder.
  • Apply textures, makeup, nails, and colors as needed.
  • Set up RLV folders for act.
  • Compare to show photos.


  • Put on Debauche Star group tag.
  • Find movers at rehearsal. (Area Search!)
  • Test outfits at rehearsal.
  • Fix any issues.
  • Bathroom break, refill your drink.
  • Dress for show and teleport over to venue.


  • Go to venue and stand in front.
  • Greet everyone and be pretty.


  • Go backstage.
  • Use a low-power Graphic Preset.
  • Use Show Friends Only.
  • Turn off your AO.
  • Landmark backstage, drag it to Favorites.
  • Join conference. NEVER SAY “READY”
  • Dress for first act.
    • Let the first five or six dancers in the list change first. Especially if you’re a reserve.
    • You have a rez fail? Announce it in conference, teleport home, change, teleport backstage. Announce that you’re back.
  • Wait for the set to rez before you get on a mover.
  • Get on mover. Accept permissions, announce “1”.
    • To find a mover, use Area Search in Firestorm, then right-click and Sit
    • No permissions dialog? Stand up and re-sit.
    • Watch for IMs or information from Laura, Sev, Larah, Renni, R, or Geordie. Do what they say.
    • Announce AFK and BACK in conference.
    • If you have a problem, ask for help.
    • If you crash, log in to Home and teleport backstage. Ask for a re-invite to the conference.
    • If you see something wrong, say so.
  • Backups watch for crashes or open mover.
  • Wait for All Stand, then stand.
  • Avatar – Avatar Health – Stop Avatar Animations and Revoke Permissions
  • Dress in shifts for next act.
  • Repeat until end of show.


  • Dress for afterparty.