The problem

Dancers still make mistakes in putting together outfits.
Sometimes, those mistakes happen during shows.
Rehearsals take a long time and aren’t solving this problem.

My proposal

All dancers learn the full body template method

Most problems are a result of links to things that change colors between acts.
Or body parts that change stockings and socks.
It’s the only reliable method.

Rehearsals are mandatory

This ensures that outfits are correct.
If you can’t rehearse, you can’t dance.

Stop demanding praise during rehearsals

These are for checking outfits, not a whole separate show.

– Some of the dancers are watching like an audience, not checking and fixing their problems or coming up with accessories and makeup and other enhancements.
– If they want to see the routine and praise it and all of that, there will be a high quality video posted after the show.
– If we didn’t like what you do, why would we put what time and effort into being a part of your group?

This eliminates the need to run through entire acts and conserves time.

Check outfits first

Run through every routine and check the outfits.
Trigger the outfit changes and watch everyone.
If anyone has a problem, stop and fix it.
If they take more than five minutes to fix it, swap them for a reserve.
If they have recurring issues during shows, put them on notice.