Set up 2 poseballs:
– Rotating poseball
– Static poseball
White studio, full bright walls and floors
White light source in front


Dress in preferred outfit
– Sit on rotating poseball if you’re static pose
– Sit on static poseball if you’re moving or dancing
Start animation or pose

Run Icecream capture utility
Click Capture video
Click custom area
Set width to 700
Set height to 1200
Click Record
Let it run for 2 loops
Click Pause
Click Stop
Save the file with a name
Should save to Windows Desktop
Right click file
Open with Photos
Click Edit and Create
Click Trim
Slide left ball to start of loop.
Slide blue peg to end of loop
Slide right ball to blue peg
Shuttle the blue peg to ensure it’s a smooth loop.
Click Save as
Give file a name
Upload file to WordPress media
Embed file with code: