Highlight Your Name

Firestorm can highlight your name in a special color and make a special alert sound when people say it.

  1. Open Preferences (Control-P).
  2. Click Chat
  3. Click Keyword Alerts
  4. Enable the checkbox for Enable Keyword Alerts
  5. Enable the checkbox for Look for Keyword Alerts in Local Chat
  6. Enable the checkbox for Look for Keywords in IMs and Group Chat
  7. Enable the checkbox for Only match whole word
  8. Enter Keywords in a comma-separated list. In my case, I added: R., R
  9. Enable the checkbox for Enable Color Alert:
  10. Set it to a color different from your other chat, such as Yellow
  11. If you need a sound alert, enable that checkbox and enter the UUID of a sound object. (Right click any sound, select Properties, and copy the UUID).
  12. Click OK

Now when someone says R. or R (but not Robot or Retard), it is highlighted in yellow.

Some gestures will spread out G R E A T S H O W !!!! and will give false positives, but that’s not too bad a distraction.

NOTE: This is why you don’t ever say READY… it pings Geordie.