The Favorites bar is on the top of your viewer, just under the Navigation bar.

It displays buttons for each of the landmarks that you put in your Favorites folder in your inventory.

If you create a landmark for backstage, rename it something short and sweet, and then drag it into the Favorites folder, you’ll have a quick way to teleport backstage.

You can also create a platform high in the sky over your home and make a Favorite landmark to there. That way, you can teleport to a low-lag place so you can change after a rez fail. Then, you can teleport back.

You’ll notice names of other troupes there in the bar… those are for going to their shows when I have time.

Go home!

Need to go home quickly?

Hit control-shift H. Or, if you have chat commands turned on, chat “tph” and you’ll teleport home.

(I use “bamf” as a teleport home shortcut because Nightcrawler of the X-Men is so cool!)


If you’re clumsy with clicking, you might not want to use this feature at all. Just teleport home and ask for a teleport back in the show chat.