The Debauched

Debauche has an in-world fan group: The Debauched. Feel free to interact with the fans in a classy way here, although occasional banter between Debauche members is also fun for them to listen in on. (Just don’t drag out any dirt or internal issues… play-fighting is okay.)

You can also engage our fans on Facebook: https://facebook.debauche.dance/ Be sure to ask R. for an Editor role so you can post as the group.

Chat and play trivia with our fans on Discord: https://discord.debauche.dance. Be sure to ask Katie for a Dancer tag. And if you have an idea for a fun room to add that covers things, let Katie know.

If you use Flickr to post photos, post them to our Flickr group at https://flickr.debauche.dance/.

If you know of other ways to engage the audience, let the others know.

If people have questions about the group, it’s okay to refer them to Laura, Sev, and Geordie.

Be Classy

Do not spam other groups with our promos unless they specifically allow cross-promotion.


If someone is being mean or rude in the group, let Laura, Sev, and Geordie know.

This includes promos for shows of any other group. Laura, Sev, and Geordie will promote other groups themselves.

If the owners are not available, ask a stage manager.

If there are no managers available, ask them nicely in IM to please play nice.

If they persist, leave a message for any of the owners or managers with that person’s name and what they did, and they will be removed from the group.

Private Chat

What happens between you and others is between you and them. However, do not allow it to distract you from the show.

If a person is being rude or crude in IMs, let AL, Geordie, Laura, and Sev know.