(Information borrowed from this page).

Mixx procedure

Install Mixx:


Import music files:


Analyze music files:


Plug in your microphone
Configure your microphone:

Click MIC/AUX to show the microphone controls (yes, the TALK button is tiny)

Configure the input
Configure the output:


Configure Mixx to connect to streaming server:


Create sub-playlist for show:

In the menu bar, click Library and then Create New Playlist (also Control-N)
Give it a name and hit Enter.
Lower left window, click Tracks.
Drag and drop the tracks you need to the new playlist.

Winamp procedure


Download WinAmp.

Download the Shoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp and install it. (R. has this file if you need it.)

Configure DSP

Start Winamp.

Press Control-P to open the Settings page.

Click DSP/Effect on the left column.

Select Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP.

A window called SHOUTcast Source will appear.

Configure Connection

(Ask Geordie for the server’s address, port, and password.)

Click the Output tab.

Click Connection.

In the Address field enter the Shoutcast server host.

In the Port field enter the Shoutcast server Port.

In the Password field enter the Shoutcast server DJ password.

Configure Encoder

Click the Encoder tab.

Click Encoder 1 in the Encoder field.

Select MP3 Encoder in the Encoder Type menu.

Select the appropriate bitrate in the Encoder Settings. Choose any kbps that is equal or lower to the bitrate kbps of the Shoutcast package you purchased.

Configure Listing

Click the Output tab.

Click the Yellowpages button.

Give your station a title.

Enter your website address: https://debauche.dance/

Enter a the genre of music: second life, dance.

Click Enable Title Updates.

Configure Source

Click the Input tab

If you want to stream files played in Winamp, choose Winamp in the Input Device menu. If you wish to instead broadcast a live audio feed or microphone input, select Soundcard Input.

Click the Output tab.

Click Connect.

You should see bytes counting up in the Status box.

If you would like to have the Shoutcast DSP automatically connect each time you start Winamp, tick the ‘Connect at Startup’ check box.


Click the PL button in Winamp.

Open a folder with the music.

Drag and drop songs into the playlist window.

Click the Play button.


Click the Input tab.

Click Lock to keep Push to Talk locked on.

Click it again to turn off microphone.