This document contains R.’s survival guide. Yes, it’s long. But there’s a lot to remember. It’ll become reflex after a while.

If you have things to add or change, let R. know.

Quickstart TL;DR


  1. Create body template.
  2. Read your group notices.
  3. Get outfit notecards.
  4. Create folder for each act.
  5. Copy body, head, feet, hands to folder.
  6. Copy clothes and hair to folder.
  7. Apply textures, makeup, nails, and colors as needed.
  8. Set up RLV folders for act.
  9. Compare to looks in show photos.
  10. Test look at home.


  1. Get notecard for show.
  2. Mark the ones you’re in, keep the lineups of the ones you’re not in so you know who to cover for.
  3. Make sure you have outfits for the acts you’re in.
  4. Find movers.
  5. Test at rehearsal.
  6. Fix any issues.


  1. Put on your Debauche group tag.
  2. Dress for arrival.
  3. Walk and be pretty.
  4. Go backstage.
  5. Join show conference.
  6. Dress for first act, get on mover.
  7. Accept permissions, announce “1” or ask for help.
  8. Watch for IMs or information from Laura, Sev, Doc, Larah, or Geordie.
  9. Dance and look good in black.
  10. Wait for All Stand, then stand.
  11. Dress for next act, get on mover, etc.
  12. Repeat until end of show.
  13. Dress for afterparty.

1. Group notices

This is where Laura, Sev, and others will send important announcements about shows and outfits. You’ll also get show orders and lineups here, and any updates to them.

Read every Debauche group notice.

Save every notecard or package.

If you can’t find something, go back through the Notices archives.

2. Calendar signup boards

The signup boards are at the rehearsal stage.

If you are available for a date, click a box in that show’s row. Then click book.

To remove yourself from a show, click your box in that show’s row. Then click cancel.

If there are more than enough dancers for a show, some may be asked to sit the show out or be available as backups.

3. Rehearsal outfits collection

A lot of the Miss S. tights and outfits for acts are available for free in the rehearsal area.

Just buy them for 0L.

4. Prepare your body

Maitreya Lara body, please. Not too tall. Not too short. Not too huge. Not too jailbait.

You’ll almost always have your tippy toes feet.

Wear the butt tattoo when you can. You will need the Omega System Relay for Maitreya: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Maitreya/6709966

Many of your Debauche family are available for shopping and beauty advice.

4A. Prepare a body template

(Sarah told me about this one.)

Instead of building yourself up from scratch or trying to build yourself from another act, making a body template simplifies things a lot.

  1. Create a folder called !Body or #Template or whatever name you will remember as the template.
  2. Add a copy of your Maitreya Lara body, your hands, your feet, your eyes, your head, and any other essential bits. (No, R., you may not add your windup key.)
  3. Strip it bare.
  4. Add your skin applier.
  5. Add the Debauche tattoo.
  6. You can add your Costume Assistant here, too. (Read the Costume Assistant for configuration information first.)

That’s your template.

Now when you learn about a new act, all you need to do is copy your body template folder and then rename it for the new act. (Next section)

5. Debauche outfit management

You will usually get a notecard for each new routine. Read that notecard. Twice.

I have a top-level inventory folder called #Debauche Outfits.

  1. Copy your body template. Each folder should start off with a copy of its own head, hands, feet, and body. Your feet will almost always be on your tippy-toes. But if you are wearing solid boots, you might not need to wear feet at all. (That way, you don’t have to remember to alpha them out.)(If a routine calls for “Wear the stockings that you wore in the X routine” you can just copy the folder from that routine to make the new routine.)
  2. Rename the new folder for routine. The title of the folder is the name of the routine. The title also contains codes for which spot is diva, do I need to watch out for alphas (and if I have a preset in my Maitreya HUD), if the act is SERIOUS, and other notes.

    (Diva is important for times that you need to stand out from the others with a special hair, tattoo, makeup or skin for that act. In Ghost Majik, when I am diva, I wear slightly more advanced attachments and skin so I stand out, as opposed to when I am just in the line.)

  3. Add notecard. Copy the outfit notecard into that routine folder so you have it handy.If multiple outfits appear in a notecard, copy the notecard into each routine it covers.
  4. Apply stockings. Apply any stockings and other appliers to the body and feet. This includes wet looks for water or beach acts.
  5. Add outfit pieces. Then add the clothes and props and shoes and outfit pieces into that folder.
  6. Store the outfit box. If this is a freebie handout from Laura or Sev, create a subfolder in Objects called Debauche Stuff and drag it in there.Do not put the outfit box in the routine folder or you’ll end up with a box on your head for the show, silly.
  7. Hair. Add the appropriate hair for the outfit. (Wet hair for water or beach acts. Updos when asked for. Watch for alpha conflicts with the clothes.)
    And if you can, remove all scripts from the hair after you color and size it. (Make a backup copy first.)
  8. Pretty yourself up. From there, you can customize the makeup, nails, jewelry, and so on.
  9. Costume Assistant. If you included the Costume Assistant in your template folder, it should already be in your new routine folder. But if the routine doesn’t need the Costume Assistant, you can delete it from the folder.

If a routine calls for different styles of outfit (Bad Nightwear, Bad Daywear, etc.) just create a separate folder for each each outfit and use a descriptive title for each.

5A. Appliers

Try to wear the Debauche butt tattoo as often as possible. (FYI, It took artists several shifts to tattoo Lags, and at least one artist fell from his scaffolding trying to tattoo Sasha.)

You’ll need the Omega System Kit for Maitreya: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Maitreya/6709966

You might run out of applier layers, especially if you are trying to juggle that tattoo, other tattoos, freckles, public hair, sand or wet layers, flavors (Why do you think Renni licks everyone?), and clothing layers.

Use your best judgment on which to wear and the order in which to wear them. (For example, if you’re wearing dark tights, you won’t need the Debauche tattoo because it can’t be seen.) Experiment before rehearsal, and ask for help if you need it.

If the act calls for an Omega applier for your face (Calling All Monsters), Omega makes relays for many mesh heads:

Use your best judgment on the order in which to wear facial costumes, makeup, lipstick, lashes, etc. Experiment before rehearsal, and ask for help if you need it.

Be careful with socks and gloves… if you’re using a fresh copy of your head, hands, feet, and body you should be okay with appliers staying on. But be ready to toggle Gloves and Socks on the Maitreya HUD.

5B. Minimize Scripts

It is important to minimize your scripts. Some venues have script-checkers, and they often don’t remember to whitelist us.

Wear the fewest number of HUDs that you can.

If you have set your appliers in advance, and you’ve relayed any Omega tattoos to your head and/or body already, you won’t need those applier HUDs for an act.

If you have set colors for your clothing, you can remove scripts from it.

Because you’ve copied your hair to your routine folder, you can remove scripts from it, too.

Removing scripts from your body parts can be risky. Especially if you remove scripts from your Mesh head, because you’ll lose facial gestures.

5C. Does it look right?

Go to the Routines link on this site and look up the routine.

Do you look like that? Good.

5D. What is she wearing

The What is she wearing HUD is great for seeing what others are wearing.

That way, you can go shopping for that hair or jewelry too. (Or see what naughty things they have hidden in them, you pervert.)

Lags and I often use it to see what Laura and Sev are wearing for a new routine so we can race to see who can have it ready first.

Then compare how you look to the photo.

Note that it does not show appliers and layers. Those, you’ll just have to wait for the notecard.

5E. Prepare colors in advance

We use a lot of shoes and boots and other things over and over again. Hedy, Cinzia, the Debauche thong, and so on.

Changing the color at the show is very slow. You should prepare the colors in advance.

  1. Make a subfolder in the clothing folder for each color (Black, White, Red, Blue, Blech Pink, etc.)
  2. Then put a copy of the clothing in each folder.
  3. Wear it and the HUD.
  4. Then set the color.
  5. Repeat for each color that you need.

Now all you have to do is copy that particular color of the clothing into the routine’s folder.

For example, when you need Black Hedy shoes for an act, just search for Hedy, copy the ones in the Black folder, and paste it into the routine folder.

If you set the color, makeup, stockings, and alphas for a routine properly, you do NOT need any HUDs in your routine folder.

If a routine calls for different colors (Turn Back Time, Dove Amore, etc.) just create a separate routine folder for each color and put the color name in the folder title.


Some acts use RLV to add or remove clothing or flames or other things.

The notecard will tell you which folders to create and what to name them.

Put the necessary items in the RLV folders.

Then copy the ones you will start the routine with and paste a link into your routine folder.

That way, when you put on the routine folder, you will start off wearing the right items.

I also have some RLV silly items, such as a Brick that Laura can “throw” at my head when she’s pissed off at me.

The Brick attaches to my head and runs a collapsing animation.

5G. Costume Assistant

The Costume Assistant allows Laura and Sev to add or remove items with RLV easily.

Create a master copy of your Costume Assistant in your template folder.

Configure it with the settings that Laura or Sev tell you to use.

Then, paste a link to that Costume Assistant into any routine that needs it.

When you put on the outfit, make sure that the star is gold.

If you take a lot of photos, one neat trick is to put the star in the center bottom of your screen. That way, you have a visual marker for center without it appearing in your photos.

6. Show conference chat

This is the communications channel for the show.

You will get lineups for each act, any things to worry about, and occasional silliness hear.

Listen for anything that Laura, Sev, Larah, Doc, and Geordie have to say here.

When you get on your mover and accept permissions, say 1.

If you need help, or if you need for someone to take your place, ask for it in here and say what you need help with.

Only stand when someone says All Stand.

And never, ever say the word “Ready” … that will confuse Geordie because that’s how he knows to start a routine. Only say 1.

If you have to go AFK for whatever, announce in the chat. Then, when you return, announce that too. (And wash your hands, please.)

If you crash, be sure to ask in the Debauche group chat for a re-invite. It may take a while, so watch for IMs.

7. Rehearsal

Rehearsal is for finding your mover, getting your outfit right, checking your hoverheight, and so on.

If there’s a problem with your outfit or flame colors or other things, someone will work with you on it.

If they can’t solve it in time, you might need to step out of an act and let someone else dance while you work on the issue for the next time.

If you don’t know if an act is serious or banter-worthy, we’ll go over it here.

7A. Finding your mover

If you cam around, you should be able to find your mover easily. They have numbers floating over them.

Some are up high or to the sides, or under parts of the set.

Do not be afraid to ask for help.

The easiest way to find them is to use Firestorm’s Area Search function. Area Search is your friend.

Don’t have Area Search?

  1. Right-click your Toolbar, select Toolbar buttons, and a window will appear.
  2. Drag Area Search to your toolbar and close the window.

Now you can use it:

  1. Click Area Search. A window will appear.
  2. Search for the mover number.
  3. When it appears in the list, right-click it and click Zoom. You should now zoom into it.
  4. If not, you should be able to find it with the beacons and right-click and Sit on it.
  5. You might need to cam underneath the mover. Some set pieces cover them.

After you sit on a mover:

  1. Wait patiently for the dialog box to accept permissions.
  2. If it doesn’t appear after a minute, stand up and sit on the mover again.
  3. After you accept permissions, say 1 in the show conference.

And remove or turn off any AO you have on.

Area Search is also great for shopping when you know the name of the item (from What is she wearing HUD, of course).

United Colors is not on marketplace, so yeah, you have to go there and find stuff.

Easy to do what you Area Search for the item, turn on the beacons, and hunt it down.

(If you see a bunch of movers with silly labels around R.’s feet, that’s R. being an asshole.)

7B. Hoverheight

Are you too high or low on the set?

Hoverheight is easily solved:

  • Watch your feet in rehearsal.
  • Adjust up and down as needed in Firestorm.
  • Write down that number in your show order list by the act.
  • During the show, make the adjustments for each act according to your notes.

Or, you can do the following steps:

  • If your hoverheight is too high, remove your shoe base.
  • If you are walking through the floor, add a shoe base.
  • If a shoe base does not solve it, adjust your hoverheight in Firestorm and make a note in the outfit folder. Remember to change it back after the act

8. When the shit hits the fan

Things to do in an emergency. Considering how often people crash or have issues in Second Life, you’ll get plenty of practice.

8A. Rez fail

If you see Attempt to rez object failed error, do the following:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Look for the same item in another routine. (hand, body, feet, eyes, feet, etc.)
  3. Add it.

If that doesn’t work, do the following:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Teleport home.
  3. Add the routine folder again.
  4. Wait for it all to attach.
  5. In the show conference chat, ask for a teleport backstage. Or use the SLURL linkin Firestorm’s Nearby Chat to return to that spot. Or use Firestorm’s Back button to go back to that spot. BE CAREFUL. IF YOU TELEPORT TO YOUR LAST LOCATION, YOU MAY BE FORCED TO THE LANDING POINT.
  6. In the show conference chat, announce that you’re back,

If the performance region is full, you might need to wait until somebody leaves.

Only log off and reboot in case of extreme viewer issues.

8B. Missing Pieces

If others see something missing from you, such as a sword or a head or feet, do the following:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. In the menu, click Avatar.
  3. Click Avatar Health.
  4. Click Refresh Attachments.

If that doesn’t work, do the following:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Look for the same item in another routine. (hand, body, feet, eyes, feet, etc.)
  3. Add it.

If others say you look weird, try to solve the problem, but be prepared to step off your mover and yield to the backup for that act.

Only log off and reboot in case of extreme viewer issues.

8C. Stuck in a pose

If you are stuck in a pose after standing do the following:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. In the menu, click Avatar.
  3. Click Avatar Health.
  4. Click Stop Avatar Animations and Revoke Permissions.

8D. Crash!

If you crash, do the following:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. If you have anyone on Facebook or another chat system, let them know you crashed.
  3. Check SL Grid Status on Twitter https://twitter.com/SLGridStatus or their blog https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  5. In the Debauche group chat, ask for a teleport backstage.
  6. In the Debauche group chat, ask to be reinvited to the show conference chat.

If someone crashes, and you’re the backup, do the following:

  1. You better be dressed for the act.
  2. Cam to their feet quickly.
  3. Wait for them to vanish.
  4. Sit on their mover
  5. Accept permissions
  6. Accept praise in the show conference chat

8E. Can’t make it to the show

Things happen. We are more worried for you than we are about the show. You come first.

Try to IM Laura, Sev, or Geordie as soon as possible to let them know you can’t make it to a show.

If you can’t get into SL, if you have an email address or Facebook friend in the group that you trust, send a message to them so they can pass the message along.

Several of us are available on KIK, Telegram, Facebook, and other media.

You can also use the Contact Us form on this site to ping R. who can pass the word along.

9. Performance Tips

Some general performance tips to make things smoother.

  • Turn off AO.
  • Wear as few HUDs and scripted items as possible.
  • Always use Midnight windlight setting.
  • Friend everyone in the group, and then use WorldShow Friends Only.
  • Disable the use of selection beams in SL.
  • Derender water and clouds.

10. Be Social

Debauche has an in-world fan group: The Debauched. Feel free to interact with the fans in a classy way here, although occasional banter between Debauche membrs is also fun for them to listen in on. (Just don’t drag out any dirt or internal issues… play-fighting is okay.)

You can also engage our fans on Facebook: https://facebook.debauche.dance/ Be sure to ask R. for an Editor role so you can post as the group.

If you use Flickr to post photos, post them to our Flickr group at https://flickr.debauche.dance/.

If you know of other ways to engage the audience, let the others know. But make sure that when you represent the group, be classy.

My Own Advice and Stuff

This is some stuff I do personally. Your mileage may vary.

If you use FireStorm Viewer, there is a built-in pose stand.

If you do not see the Pose Stand option:

  1. Right-click your bottom toolbar.
  2. Click Toolbar buttons. A popup window will appear.
  3. Drag Pose Stand to the bottom toolbar.
  4. Close the popup window.

To use Pose Stand:


  • >Click Pose Stand to pose yourself.
  • A mini-dropdown will appear that allows you to select your pose.
  • Click Pose Stand again to unpose yourself.

    Window management

    During the show, it’s important to have the show conference chat visible.

    It’s also important to engage with the audience.

    But then, you’ll likely need access to your Outfits folder. And maybe your Inventory, too.

    Here’s how I have my windows arranged:

    The Communications window partially covers both Outfits and Inventory. I park it slightly away from the upper-right corner so I can see the new message indicators and Online/Offline toasts.

    The public chat will appear in my lower-left corner as usual, so I know what’s being said out in public.

    I have Outfits filtered for Debauche, which shows my base outfit for shows. This includes Maitreya HUD, eyes, and Costume Assistant. Things I always should wear for every act.

    I have Inventory searched for the next act in the show.

    I hide Outfits with Control-O and Inventory with Control-I.

    At the end of an act and we’re told All Stand, I hit Control-O and Control-I to show both windows, wear the Debauche outfit to reset my look, and then add the folder for the next act in the show.

    I then search for the act after that one, then hide Outfits and Inventory again.

    Repeat until end of show.

    Highlight my name

    I highlight my name in chat so I know when someone’s pissed off at me.

    1. Open Preferences with Control-P.
    2. Click Chat
    3. Click Keyword Alerts
    4. Enable the checkbox for Enable Keyword Alerts
    5. Enable the checkbox for Look for Keyword Alerts in Local Chat
    6. Enable the checkbox for Look for Keywords in IMs and Group Chat
    7. Enable the checkbox for Only match whole word
    8. Enter Keywords: R., R
    9. Enable the checkbox for Enable Color Alert:
    10. Set it to a color different from your other chat, such as Yellow
    11. If you need a sound alert, enable that checkbox and enter the UUID of a sound object. (Right click any sound, select Properties, and copy the UUID).
    12. Click OK

    Now when someone says R. or R (but not Robot or Retard), it is highlighted in yellow.

    Some gestures will spread out G R E A T S H O W !!!! and will give false positives, but that’s not too bad a distraction.

    Friends and contact lists

    I created a Firestorm Contact list for Debauche family. It contains the Debauche family.

    I set Firestorm to only show Online and Offline notices for Debauche family.

    Now, when I see an offline message during a show, I know it’s important.

    If it’s someone in the current act and I’m the backup, time to get my ass on the mover when they vanish.

    Inventory Management

    I sort my purchases by creator.

    So, in my Body Parts, Clothes, and Outfit folders, I have a folder for each creator.

    Then, everything I buy will get a subfolder in the appropriate creator folder.

    If the name of the item does not quite describe it, I will create a dummy notecard with a title that describes the item (crown, ballcap, bottle of bleach) and put it in that folder. That way, the folder will appear if I search for that term. It’s like a tagging system for documents.


    I keep a top-level folder called Shopping Stuff in my inventory. Everything I buy and unpack goes in there.

    Every week, go into my Shopping Stuff folder and create folders for each creator. Then, I drag the items into each folder. After that, I drag the creator folders into the appropriate inventory folder (Body Parts, Clothes, and Outfit). Once a month, I walk through those folders and combine any duplicate creator folders into a single folder.


    I use the Outfits folder in a very weird way. I typically layer my looks with multiple outfit folders.

    I also maintain “meta” outfits, which aren’t actual outfits, but collections of items for easy reference and access.

    For example, I have an outfit folder called Hair. I put a link to every hair I own into that folder.

    That way I can quickly browse through all of my hair and select the one to wear. (I also have a Flickr album with a front, side, and back view of the hair I own so I can pick them out visually.)

    I do the same with my pranks and gags. I put a link to each of them in my Stupid Shit folder.

    That way, I can quickly browse through all my silly stuff and select one.

    I do the same with a HUDs folder that contains all of the frequently-used action HUDs I use, such as hugs, facial expressions, and particle emitters.

    Other folders are Jewelry, Tattoos, and Cigarette system.

    I can explain this in more detail at another time. (I outlined it in a Flickr post a while back.)

    Facial expressions and gesture triggers

    Some sets are happy. Some sets are sad. Some sets are angry.

    Making your facial expression match the mood is a cool thing.

    But mesh head HUDs use a lot of texture and script memory. And you have to hunt down and click things.

    Most mesh heads have a set of API (fancy term for smarty stuff) that allow you to send direct chat commands to your head to show expressions.

    It looks scary, but once you do one, you’ll see it’s not all that hard.

    Lelutka’s documentation is here: http://lelutka.com/blog/creators-page/

    They listen on channel 7780. So if you say:

    /7780 play:l.-.snarl

    The head will play a snarl animation.

    If you say:

    /7780 stop:l.-.snarl

    The head will stop the snarl animation.

    You can add these commands to gestures so all you need to do is hit a function key or chat phrase to trigger them:

    That web page at Lelutka has a whole list of animations and moods. Just change the l.-.snarl to the animation or mood you want to use.

    As for Catwa, no idea. I don’t own one. Anyone?

    Serious vs. Silly

    Most Debauche acts are serious. Do not joke or banter in public chat during these acts. And it’s probably best not to joke or banter in the show conference, either.

    For the silly acts, it’s okay to banter and play a bit with each other or the audience, but don’t go too overboard.

    I mark the serious acts on their outfit folders so I can remember when to keep quiet.

    If an audience member gets rude in open chat or IMs and it makes you uncomfortable, let the others know in the show conference so they’re aware of it. The venue host can be made aware of serious issues in case a person needs to be escorted from the region.