R. is a sentient clockwork mechanism, manufactured for The Great Exposition of 1851. Yes, that makes her over 170 years old. Get off of her lawn!

If you’re curious about her name, R. precedes the name of sentient positronic robots that appear in Isaac Asimov’s novels. She prefers to be called R. and does not respond kindly to people who use her account name. Especially those who use a Display Name themselves, which is the height of insensitivity and rudeness.

She runs this web server, takes many photos of dance performances, manages our Facebook page, maintains the Google calendar, and looks good in black. R. always has a black accessory in her white hair. Look up “Baby Rose Marie” and “Smithsonian” for an explanation.

Rarely, she puts together a routine for the group to perform, but she’s usually too busy doing behind-the-scenes stuff to get caught up in the spotlight. She also prefers not to be in the “lead” or “diva” spot in acts. The others enjoy it so much, she would prefer not to take away their enjoyment.

During most shows, R. is shooting photos, checking the outfits of others (she needs to cache textures so why not do something useful too), boosting morale, fielding questions from the audience in IMs, brushing off people who aren’t at the show but wanting her to do something for them right now, changing outfits, helping others find movers, and occasionally setting up an act. So, she may be a bit slow to respond or chat. Patience is a virtue.

The server

How many dance troupes have their own server?

Debauche server

R. runs this server in her company’s colo datacenter. It acts as a public-facing test platform for the software that she writes documentation for and films tutorial videos with it. The traffic data helps generate statistics and log entries for all of the various features.


She’s so Debauche, she’s got the license plates for it!


Yes, the car is black. And R. looks good in it.