R. is a sentient clockwork mechanism, manufactured for The Great Exposition of 1851.

Debauche has known R. for a long time, and has admired her work and enthusiasm for dance in Second Life. So when the need for another Debauche dancer arose, she was a natural first to join the troupe. As she put it, “I have watched y’all get better and better with every show, and I want to help out. I also want to learn from whom I consider the masters of complex group choreography. There are a lot of dance troupes in Second Life, but I only wanted to join the best.”

R. has created several solo and couples routines, but it has been her dream to produce a group choreography act worthy of the group. “Breakaway” was her first.

In addition to dancing with Debauche, she volunteers as manager of Dance Queens, maintains a gallery of dance photography, administers The Five Islands community, produces a daily storytelling podcast, and keeps this website’s server from exploding.

Her best friend is Area Search, she drinks bleach by the gallon, and deserves every brick thrown at her for goofing off during the serious acts.

“Do not stand idly by,” says R. “Make a difference. And look good in black.”


  • R. stands for “Robot” in Isaac Asimov novels.
  • Her partner is a pirate. (But not a very good pirate.)
  • Before shows, she and Lags do very silly things. The bleach drinking, cat carrier, and other stunts are all a part of her “Stupid Shit” folder.
  • Sometimes, a brick will appear in her head and she’ll fall down. This is an RLV thing Laura uses when she’s pissed off.
  • If close friends are at a show, she’ll usually offer them fish from a bucket or roll them with a lint roller. Once again, more from her “Stupid Shit” folder.
  • Her eyes are rotating gears. They are red in dystopian dance acts.
  • There is an animated graphic equalizer on her right forearm.
  • Her back tattoo is clockwork.
  • In any act that involves potential injury or damage, she’s often covered with bruises and bloodstains to suggest that she’s not very good with the weapons everyone is slinging around.
  • Her lipstick is almost always black. It’s from drinking so much motor oil in between acts.
  • She doesn’t actually remove her windup key for shows. She just makes it alpha. If an act is meant to look like it happens backstage, such as “Beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, she reveals the key.
  • During Christmas shows, her earrings are Stars of David. In RL, she is Jewish.
  • In metallic form, she is always leaking oil. (No, she is not crying at the horrible things you say about her. Bitch.)
  • There is a Three Of Swords card in her heart.
  • If there’s something on stage, she’ll guard the fuck out of it. This annoys the hell out of Sev.
  • Her facial expressions are often… disturbing. She tends to use Happy and Pleased from Lelutka, but will gesture-control her face a lot.
  • When she says something in binary and someone responds in binary, she either shouts PHRASING! and reacts as if they said something horribly offensive and disgusting.
  • She only says that she looks good in black when it will annoy the others. Oh, and she hates wearing pink.
  • If the backstage movers are all in a line, weird things happen.
  • If it’s a beach scene, watch for her to spray the others with bug spray.
  • Her hair is always white with a black accessory. Look up “Baby Rose Marie” for the reason why.

The server

How many dance troupes have their own server?

Debauche server

And, yes, our web server has a Debauche sticker on it.


She’s so Debauche, she’s got the license plates for it!


Yes, the car is black. And R. looks good in it.