Missy first got to know Laura and Sev because all of them were Playdolls Magazine centerfolds and feature models. When she was invited to join Debauche, Missy jumped at the opportunity!

Missy has been active in Second Life from the moment she got her first skin, shape, and pair of shoes. By no means are dancing and modeling Missy’s only pastimes here. She is also a competitive surfer, event hostess, exotic dancer, trustee of her adored Eagle Skye home sim, proud Family Graycloud member, and promoter of all things fun!

Besides modeling for Playdolls, Missy has appeared in other Second Life publications and modeled for stores as well as freelance photographers and artists, including her best friend and fellow Debauche dancer Bri (Missy and Bri well-known collectively as “Brissy”).

Most of all, Missy is the truest of friends to all lucky enough to call her one.

Missy is passionately devoted to Debauche and the art it brings to Second Life. Being on stage and dancing is an important form of personal expression that Missy embraces in Second Life. She strives to bring a unique touch to every costume and performs every dance with infectious exuberance.

Missy says that “SL is for fun. I feel that if you aren’t having fun, then there is little point in being here. And performing with Debauche is one of the most fun things I do