When asked how she felt about being a part of Debauche, Leti replied:

Debauche dancing is my Fav!
And you know it’s all the rave!
From grid to grid we dance so brave,
Inside sometimes we misbehave.
I love this dance troupe, my home, my cave,
We are primitive sophisticates, the path we pave!
From Dancers to follow and learn the wave πŸ™‚

Leti also enjoys a full and fun life away from Debauche. As she puts it:

My Second Life Story has been tons of fun!
Second to none!
A decade of to do lists,
And so many gifts.
Filled with adventure, mystery & intrigue
Now some say it’s best to take heed.
Of wanderlust and questionable deeds.
And so on this journey I advance
Knowing I will always land on my feet!
Cause I dance and love romance
And I try to stay upbeat!

Summarizing her Debauche experience, Leti says:

Debauche Dance Troupe brings quality to my life
Essential now the love of music, movement, and dance!
Creativity, energy, self-expression, self-discipline is my circumstance
Debauche for me has been the perfect Happenstance πŸ™‚


Break a Leg

Dancing to me is a gift .
From the top of my head.
To the tip of my toes .
This is how the energy flows.

Dancing gives me such a lift.
Spinning and whirling , my limbs gracefully poised.
All bits postured and posed, this is how dance goes.
Sometimes landing in the light, sometimes in the shadows.

Dancing uses the body with every little shift.
Steps to the music, as we so lightly tread.
An instrument we dancers become, I suppose .
Never wanting that curtain to close.

Dancing is fun for all. It’s a way to stay fit.
Before you know it you will be dancing on your head!
So please wear those ruffles, gowns and tuxedos.
Ah yes, a good time to show off your clothes.

Dancing is so good for the soul, you may even find a tryst.
With every lyric, every note you will take it all to bed.
As the show must go on ,loud applause ,even a gift of a rose .
Delight in the movement itself , step into that magic glow.

Dancing , oh please enlist.
Sway to the music and the rhythm of the song, go ahead!
From recitals to rehearsals of the shows , do go .
Break a leg , for good luck , and enjoy the show!

⊰⊰⊰♥ Love Leti ♥⊱⊱⊱