Leti (Letitia Larsson) has a very poetic soul, as the following comments illustrate.
When asked how she felt about being a part of Debauche, Leti replied:
Debauche dancing is my Fav!
And you know it’s all the rave!
From grid to grid we dance so brave,
Inside sometimes we misbehave.
I love this dance troupe, my home, my cave,
We are primitive sophisticates, the path we pave!
From Dancers to follow and learn the wave 🙂

Leti also enjoys a full and fun life away from Debauche. As she puts it:
My Second Life Story has been tons of fun!
Second to none!
A decade of to do lists,
And so many gifts.
Filled with adventure, mystery & intrigue
Now some say it’s best to take heed.
Of wanderlust and questionable deeds.
And so on this journey I advance
Knowing I will always land on my feet!
Cause I dance and love romance
And I try to stay upbeat!

Summarizing her Debauche experience, Leti says:

Debauche Dance Troupe brings quality to my life
Essential now the love of music, movement, and dance!
Creativity, energy, self-expression, self-discipline is my circumstance
Debauche for me has been the perfect Happenstance 🙂