Larah is a key member of Debauche, serving as primary Stage Manager during performances, responsible for making sure that all of the other dancers are properly costumed and on their marks for each routine. Larah comments that the hardest part of her job is overcoming the lag that pops up at many performances.

Hailing from Austria, Larah joined Debauche in 2016. Seeking a modeling career in Second Life, she first got to know Laura in Laura’s role as a talented SL photographer. Later, Larah learned that Laura also had a dance troupe – Debauche. Attending a show, Larah was amazed by what she saw. “I hadn’t seen anything like it in Second Life before.” A few weeks after first asking to join, Larah was accepted as a Debauche dancer.

Larah admits that “I am a bit of an attention whore. I love to dance and dress up, so I enjoy every minute being on stage as part of this great troupe. Debauche is an amazing troupe that blossoms from the hard work of Laura and Sev, but everyone else contributes to make it feel like one big fantastic family.”

Larah has also continued to pursue her career as an erotic model in Second Life, and has a portfolio on Flickr.