Hailing from the North of England, Katie joined Debauche in November 2018. Our lovely Katie always had had a great love of dance, even since childhood, when she did both ballet and tap.

Katie knew Laura, Sev, and Geordiee for some time before joining, having met at a sim where Debauche regularly dances. Never the shy one, Katie asked about the possibility of joining Debauche, but at the time a spot was not available. Patiently waiting, she got the call from Laura and Sev and eagerly accepted the chance to become a Debauche dancer, and here she is now to entertain you.

Katie loves to laugh, shop (especially for lovely lingerie), and generally have fun in SL. She enjoys meeting new people and getting to chat with them. She also enjoys movies, exploring, and many different kinds of music. She admits to a “slight” addiction to shoes, but claims “No intervention is required.”

Katie says that to be part of the wonderful group that is Debauche is the world to her. She has found everyone to be caring and helpful in welcoming her to the troupe. She also notes that everyone in Debauche is fun and funny to be around and makes her giggle constantly.

Katie says “Thank you Debauche for this amazing opportunity! Much love!”