Debauche’s favorite English gentleman and debonair master of ceremonies, Geordie brings order to chaos at Debauche performances with his calm presence and witty announcements. Geordie is also responsible for arranging music for Debauche performances and occasionally appears onstage too, when a male performer is needed.

Present from the beginning when Laura and Sev created Debauche, Geordie also is enthusiastic about sailing and photography in Second Life, and is an occasional DJ, too.

Geordie says that “I feel honoured to be the only man in Debauche, helping out and supporting everyone along with arranging the music for each show is what brings a smile to my face, but being out on stage, wow! Talk about a buzz! Can’t beat that feeling!”

Geordie is beloved by all the Debauche dancers. They all know that he is there for them for every show, helping them to perform their best.