Emee joined our Debauche family in June 2019. Her introduction to Debauche had enormous influence and significance for her. Hearing about Debauche, and then finally attending a performance she found to be stunning, Emee was utterly spellbound by the immaculately-choreographed routines. In her words, she felt they provided “a perfect sense of eroticism and wonder.”

Emee always has involved herself in the glamorous aspects of Second Life. Her resume includes being an exotic dancer and model (including Playdolls Magazine Ms. August 2019), as well as a former actress/producer of virtual erotica and machinima. She loves her Second Life and the unique and memorable experiences that have changed her since she joined. But with Debauche, she has sincerely felt a sense of commonality and camaraderie, and is proud to actively contribute to the mutual goal of providing the most glamorous and evocative forms of dance in Second Life.

Every moment, whether at rehearsal or on stage, Emee loves to entertain, She is truly appreciative of the support the fans have given to Debauche. “We love you all, and will always strive to be ‘simply the best’!”