Doc comes to Debauche from Scotland. She joined Debauche in May 2017 when, as she puts it, she “purred and fluttered my eyelashes” at Laura and Sev and “tadaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Doc not only dances, but also serves as backup Stage Manager during Debauche performances, helping to make sure that everyone is where they need to be and wearing the correct costume for each routine. Doc also on occasion has tried her hand at choreography for Debauche and the troupe has performed her work.

In addition to her Debauche duties, Doc loves to decorate and recently has finished decorating an entire sim for a friend. She also enjoys photography in Second Life. She brings a wicked sense of humor to the troupe that helps lighten the mood for everyone.

Doc comments that when she first joined Debauche, as the new girl she was a bit apprehensive, even though everyone made her feel welcome. But even then, and especially now, she feels that she is a part of the Debauche family and feels lucky to have so many sisters “who I absolutely adore.”