Hailing from Canada, Celith is a long-time resident of Second Life. She was a loyal fan of Debauche for quite a while, attending shows regularly for more than three years, before finally joining the troupe as a dancer in May 2020.

“I love dancing, and dancing with Debauche is absolutely thrilling,” she reports. “I have admired Debauche for so long. I was entranced by the way Laura and Sev situalized the music to create the dance routines to it, that combination of music paired to dance. To now be onstage dancing with Debauche is something I will treasure.”

Celith is also an experienced roleplayer and has performed in SL as a DJ. “I love music! I love discovering information about bands and their music and the meaning of the songs.” She also is a talented SL photographer and model.

Celith is enthusiastic about performing with Debauche. “I love being the center of attention and entertaining people, and hope I can express that joy when I dance. Being in Debauche is something I will cherish as an important part of my Second Life experience!”

Learn about the music we dance to with Celith’s Musical Musings!