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This question wanders through my mind already for a long time. When somebody died I want to have an idea of who she or he was, because it makes me cry. Erin passed away, and I don’t recall if I have ever danced with her. So my question is: when was the last time she danced with Debauche. With tears and respect.

The last photo of Erin in the Debauche Flickr group is from October 23 2016. Her last appearance on a schedule was October 22 2016 at Savile as a part of Bilingual. After that, she was available as a reserve as time allowed.


how they do to have those spectacular bodies, with out celullitis?.

Emee: Laura and Severina have established a standard of beauty and professionalism that is reflected in each of our dancers. We at Debauche do our very best to maintain such excellent standards, and it takes both an individual and group effort to achieve that quality level of performance in our dances and routines.

R: I am solid Iron. I weigh 600 pounds.

Missy: Is on a strict diet of low fat pixels in SL. That plus the strenuous exercise of rehearsing and performing with Debauche keeps her slim and trim.


Where do Debauche get inspiration for their routines ?

R: I started with a song I like and imagined up how to do it. Then I researched the technical needs and shopped for animations that would fit the pace and style.


How the hell do you pronounce Lags new Name without coughing up my Gin & Tonic?

R: I’m sure that when she tries to type it out, she’ll just misspell the phonetic spelling.

R: Birth Uh Wah Bull Bot Um

Lags: Watch this… at 4:09